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Save Water – Irrigation Control

Adjust your irrigation system to not over water your yard.  There are a few things to target:

  • Water every 2nd or 3rd day for slightly longer times than if you water daily.  If you water less frequently and deeper, the root structure of your grass will grow deeper and be able to handle dry spells better.  Happy grass!
  • Reduce the time you water until the grass is slightly stressed (some minor yellowing around the edges).  Many lawns are over watered and grass is  resilient to some stress.

If your current sprinkler control is a pain in the butt to program, I really like Orbit’s line (Amazon link) for it’s simplicity.  Changing out a control panel is not difficult, but you should be handy.  Have fun learning something new!

orbit irrigation

Save Water – Stop Irrigation Leaks

Check your irrigation system a few times a year for leaks.  This is one of the simplest things to do but can save so much water.

  • First, once a month, run your irrigation system as normal so that you can observe during daylight hours.  Look for broken heads, leaks and runoff.  Make adjustments as appropriate.
  • Second, a couple times a year, turn off all water usage inside the house for a few minutes.  Then locate your water meter (usually near the street under a cover that says ‘Water’) and look to see that none of the indicators are moving.  If something is moving, you may have a leak.


Save Water – Sink Aerator

Get a good kitchen sink aerator with a shutoff. I really like this one from Amazon for a bunch of reasons:

  • It’s made in the US with many metal parts, very good quality
  • It swivels to cover most of the sink
  • It has Stream and Spray
  • It has a Shutoff for hand-washing which keeps the hot water mix
  • Both the Stream and Spray are strong
  • It’s actually fun to use!
  • It saves water by getting the job done quickly

sink aerator

Save Water – Shower Head

Easy and fun, get a shower head that has a shutoff valve and close the valve when you are soaping up!  This is a great tip because you solve 2 problems.  First, when you are soaping up, the shower is not running and removing all of those wonderful suds and you get cleaner faster, fun!  Second, you save water, awesome!

Here is a great little Hand Shower Head with Shutoff on Amazon with a good medium to strong spray.

shower head