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Save on Heating – Window leaks

On a cold morning, check your windows for leaks.  Just feel around the frame edges to see if you can feel any cold air leaking in.  Then hit it with some good quality caulk with silicone like this one from Amazon.

silicone caulk

And if you don’t like those uneven results when applying the caulk, I really like this little tool to make a nice even bead.  Easy and Fun!

caulk bead tool

Save on Heating – Furnace Filter

An easy tip is to replace or clean your furnace filter at least twice a year.  Your air handler will work less and save money and increase the life of your furnace.  I like to do mine during the spring and the fall, right before the seasons of heavy use.  And although disposable furnace filters work, I really like the permanent filters that can be cleaned and reused over and over again.  Saves you money twice!  Here’s a good permanent filter on Amazon that is adjustable to different filter sizes, nice!

furnace filter

Save on Heating – Water Heater

One overlooked ‘appliance’ is your water heater.

First, check to see if there is an ‘energy saving’ setting. If not, try a lower setting to save money on this energy intensive heating appliance.

Second, install a Water Heater Insulation Jacket like one of these from Amazon. This is a relatively easy install and can save you money on your heating bill immediately. Awesome!

water heater jacket duckwater heater jacket 1