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Save Electricity – LEDs

This one’s a good one, as your old bulbs fail, change them over to Light Emitting Diodes (LED).  The cost has really come down on LED’s and they last way longer than fluorescent, no mercury and much less power.  I replaced my four 20 watt fluorescent kitchen cabinet lights for four 4.3 watt LEDs and the difference is awesome.  The lights are brighter, crisper and use less than 20 watts for all four lights.  Very cool!

Check out these under cabinet LED lights on Amazon

led lights 2 led lights 1

…and these LED bulbs too

led lights 3

Save Electricity – Easy to Use Outlet Timers

One of my favorite electricity savers are outlet timers like these on Amazon.

Below are two of my favorite timers.  Gone are the days of trying to program those old style timers, these are simplicity in motion.  For the Belkin timer, just choose the amount of time you want the outlet to be powered with the switch on the side, plug it in and press the button on the top.  The Woods timer is easy too, just press the button until you get to the time you want.  Easy and Fun!  I have used these to turn off my cool mist humidifier at night.


outlet timer 1outlet timer 2